Holiday Entertaining: Products and Features Ideal for Whole-Home Holiday Audio

Adding a festive touch to holiday gatherings can be done a number of different ways. One way to instantly create a comforting holiday feeling is with some holiday music. Playing holiday music is a great way to conjure Christmas memories, bring up happy feelings, and tie in all the festivities. Controlling and choosing music for the house can be made a lot easier with whole-home holiday audio. By hiring the services of a house-automation company, you can have a number of products installed that will help holiday audio stream from room to room without any delays, distractions, or annoying methods to simply change a song. The following products and features will give you better idea of how whole-home holiday audio can be properly set up in your home and automated to your preferences.

In-Wall Speakers

Adding speakers to various rooms can take up a lot of space, and the speakers can become very clunky to use. Minimize the impact of whole-home audio while still providing clear sounds with the installation of in-wall speakers. These speakers can be installed so that they lay flush to the walls. Wires can also be kept inside of the walls, eliminating a tangled mess or cords and power adapters. The color of the speaker can also be purchased to help blend into the wall and make the speaker a natural part of the room. Home-automation specialists can choose locations that will offer the best looks for the room and still deliver clear sounds.

Volume Control

In some cases, the volume may need to be turned down in a specific room or area of the home. Having quick access to volume control can make a huge difference for your holiday enjoyment. One way to access easy volume control is to have in-wall sliding volume-control switches installed on the walls. These switches look and operate similar to a light dimmer switch. The sliding switch can easily be lifted up and down to control volume in a specific room. This allows you to adjust the music without running from room to room. A master switch can also be installed to help control the volume for every speaker in the home.

Home-Automated Remote

A digital smart remote can go a long way in choosing and playing holiday songs while entertaining family and guests. These remotes can be programmed to control all of the audio aspects in your home. For example, you can set different holiday music to each room in the home. The dining room may be better for more relaxing and instrumental holiday music while a kitchen or man cave may have more types of Christmas party music playing. A home-automated remote also allows you to load and select playlists. You can have all of your music options playing in a specific order so that you do not have to go and change tracks, switch to different media options, or shuffle CDs around. Once it is set up, the music can play for the duration of the party.

Wi-Fi Signal Boosters and Routers

Digital music can be accessed all kinds of ways in today's age. Accessing streaming music platforms can be made a lot easier using Wi-Fi signal boosters and extra routers in the home. There are dozens of streaming music services that offer holiday music options. A poor Wi-Fi signal can cause these music stations to pause, buffer, and skip ahead. If this happens, it can become a huge distraction for holiday gatherings. Make things a lot easier by expanding the Wi-Fi options in your home and using signal boosters as needed. This will ensure that the streaming music stays connected and provides holiday entertainment for your home.

Home-automation companies can adapt all kinds of equipment to help fit your home. Contact them for more information on whole-house automation installation and pricing for various products.

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