Opening A Computer Repair Shop? These Features Will Help Ensure Your Success

With revenue in the computer repair industry being over 20 billion dollars, now is an excellent time to open your new repair shop. As a new computer repair shop owner, you have to work on building a client base before you can expect to make a profit. Advertising your business is essential, but it isn't the only way you can attract new customers and keep your current ones happy. The features you offer at your shop can have a big impact on the attention your business gets and the profit margins you achieve. Here are a few features you can offer to help ensure that your new computer repair shop is a success:

Fiberscope Services

A fiberscope will allow you to inspect tiny components within computers and areas that aren't easily accessible for visual inspections. Your fiberscope can be used to inspect fiber connectors when you're installing or repairing optic cables, which will save you time and your customers some money on their service needs. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you don't have to send their machines to another facility for repairs because you don't have the right tools to do it yourself. Look for a fiberscope that allows you to adjust its focus and intensity to ensure that you don't have to make manual adjustments to the tool while it's in use.

Free Wi-Fi Internet

Offering free wi-fi internet within your store is an excellent way to attract new customers who want the convenience of staying connected while waiting for their computers and accessories to be repaired. With free wi-fi internet available, customers won't be as likely to get impatient while they wait, which should help optimize your relations with everyone you work with. It's a good idea to protect your wi-fi with a passcode that only paying customers have access to. This will protect the connection from being overwhelmed with users and ensure that passersby don't congregate in front of your shop just to use the internet.

Electronic Accessories

Just because you're a repair shop doesn't mean that you can't sell accessories for your customers' electronics too. By having various accessories available in your computer repair shop, you'll gain repeat business from customers even when they aren't in need of repairs. Consider offering one or more of the following accessories:

  • Power Cords
  • Hard Drives
  • Keyboards
  • Earbuds
  • Memory Chips
  • USB Sticks

Just set a utility shelf up along one wall in your computer repair shop and place all your pre-priced accessories on it.

Movie and Game Rentals

Make your computer repair facility a one-stop-shop for your electronic loving customers by offering movies and games for rent. Customers will stop in often to rent from you, which will keep your services in their mind and make it likely that they'll reach out to you when they find themselves in need of computer repairs. To save money, purchase used DVDs and games from thrift stores, area sales, and swap meets to create your rental collection. You can keep adding to your collection as time goes on to keep your customers interested in the offerings.

Software Sales

Another effective way to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back is to offer software sales. Selling computer operating systems, photo editing software, antivirus programs, and other similar items will enhance the perceived usefulness of your business among customers and make them feel like all their computer needs can be met when visiting your shop. Offering installation services of your software will increase your profit margins and make life easier on your clients. To keep your sales floor from getting too cluttered, catalog your software offerings in a laminated notebook so customers can use it to place their orders and you can grab what they need from the storage room.

By offering these features, you should better be able to stay ahead of the competition and build a strong client base as time goes on. 

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