What Type Of Stagehands Do You Need For Your Production?

Depending on the type of production you are creating, you will need different stagehands with separate sets of skills to get the work done. In order to find these skilled professionals, you could contact a stagehand staffing provider who can handle your crew needs, but you will need to give them the information on the types of stagehands you require. This ensures they can find the right staff for your production so everything runs smoothly.

What type of stagehands do you need for your production? Here is a rundown on the different types of stagehands to give you an idea of who you might need.

Lighting And Equipment

Whether it's a concert you are producing or a musical theater stage show, good lighting is a must to showcase the talents of your performers. While lighting directors and engineers design the lighting schemes, lighting stagehands are the ones who make the designs possible. They help to install the lighting rigs, run the cables to provide the power, and even fix the lights so they give off the right amount of illumination. 

Inform your stagehand staffing provider what type of production you are creating, for example, concert or theater performance so they can send professionals skilled in those areas.

Audio And Video

Other stagehands have expertise in providing and setting up audio and video equipment. This could be placing microphones and ensuring their wiring is correct, and that they are connected properly to amplifiers. Along the same lines, for concerts, instrument amplifiers need to be set up and fine-tuned to ensure the best sound gets to the audience for their enjoyment.

Video stagehands ensure video screens are mounted and their displays look sharp so the audience can see the performers in the best light. Video stagehands can also help set up camera display screens so stage directors can keep a close eye on the performance while it's going on. Video stagehands can also work in the film industry helping to set up any cameras, screens, and other equipment as needed. Make sure you let your stagehand staffing provider know what specialties you need in the audio and video area.

Moving and Unloading Equipment

Stagehands can also work in the logistics of a production company. This means they are responsible for the packing, storing, moving, and unloading of the equipment needed in the production. A stagehand staffing provider can arrange for professionals who are trained specifically in logistics and the unloading of sensitive equipment that needs careful handling.

For more information, speak with a stagehand staffing provider

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